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Nosework trial: Everydog will be hosting a NACSW scent work trial on July 27 and 28. More info, including the trial premium, is listed on the front page of our website. 

Past Events

Rally Seminar with AKC judge Karen Tucker- Sept. 17th, 2017, 2-6:30 pm 
Learn all about the new Rally Obedience signs, rules and classes, which will go into effect on Nov. 1st.

Get ready for fall trials! Signup deadline Sept. 1  

August 28, 2016- Dog equipment swap meet. Trade, sell or donate your old dog equipment (in clean, usable condition), to benefit local shelters and rescues. 

We were able to assist Lowell Humane Society with some much needed donations.

March Sniff N Go's- These sniff-n-go's were great fun! We'll do more when the weather gets nicer.

July 17, 2016- Build your own agility equipment! We had fun making and building equipment for Scituate Animal Shelter. 

December 29th Sniff N Go: Beginning at 10 am. Run order will be posted by 6 pm on Thursday the 27th. NW1/Novice searches first, then NW2/Advanced searches. Depending on the weather will will either have 2 Interiors and 2 Container searches, or 1 each of Interiors, ​Containers, Exteriors and Vehicles. Cost $35 for first dog, $15 for additional dogs. Register here ​Note: our Sniff N Go is full- we are taking names for a wait list. 

June 13, 2017- Dog Park Etiquette and Healthy Dog Play Seminar- This was a fun and informative event which we hope to repeat in the fall!

"An interactive mini-seminar, in which through video presentation and discussion we will examine healthy vs. concerning play, interactions between dogs in social settings, and provide guidance as to when and how to properly intervene in order to minimize unpleasant, potentially dangerous situations."

June 11, 2016- the Debbie Jacobs fearful dogs seminar was a great success!

Thank you, Chris and Amy, for two more wonderful workshops!

Upcoming Events

​​This event was so informative and fun! We will be having Amy and Chris back again in October!

Canine Muscle and Joint Workshop

​Saturday, April 28, 1-4 pm

$95 with a dog, $65 without

A dog’s body is made much like a human’s body. And also much like a person, their body can get sore after a big hike or stiffer as they age. The muscular system in your dog's body needs exercise and stretching in order to stay healthy and mobile.
Chris Cranston, MPT, CCRP & Amy Campbell, CSAMT, CPDT- KA, are partnering to teach owners techniques from the canine physical therapy and massage therapy worlds that can be used at home to improve the wellness and longevity of your dog.
During the workshop you will learn how to:
(1) assess your dog's body for weaknesses and strengths

(2) develop an action plan when a struggle arises
(3) apply massage and stretching
(4) employ exercises to strengthen weak muscles to achieve better body balance and overall mobility.
Chris and Amy have helped hundreds of dogs live healthier, longer lives through their physical therapy techniques and massages. Come learn their secrets!