Canine Good Citizen prep and CGC testing- We hold CGC prep class from time to time, however we also work on CGC skills in our Level 2 Manners classes. We have two CGC evaluators on staff, and schedule a CGC or Trick Dog test periodically. Please contact us if you are interested:

Basic Manners   (Manners Level  1 and 2) 6 week sessions, $180. Manners 1: Wednesdays at 9 am, or Saturdays at 10 am oer 3 pm. Manners 2: Wednesdays @ 10 am, some Wed. nights, or Saturdays @ 5 pm. 

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Drop-In Classes - Rally Run-thru's, etc.

Orientation- Required before starting Puppy Kindergarten or Manners Level 1, and recommended if you are new to Everydog classes. Free, generally scheduled for Wednesdays @8:30 am or Saturdays @6 pm, other times upon request. 

Reactive Dog classes Please contact us to help you select a class that is appropriate for your dog. 

To view class descriptions and signup forms, click on the  red links below. Please note, If you do not see the class you want available for signup, it may be full, or not currently open for registration. Please inquire for the next start date. 

Scent work classes . Generally held on Saturdays 

Agility classes (Levels 1, 2, 3 and Reactive) . Held on Sundays, and now Tuesday evenings

Intro Sports and Games Try our Sports Sampler, Tricks and Games, or other classes "just for fun"! 

Puppy Kindergarten- group classes for puppies under 20 weeks. 6 week classes, $180.

Puppy K: Mondays @ 6:30 or 7:30 pm(varies per session), or Saturdays @ 4.

Day School- For puppies up to 6 months old, or older by permission of the instructor. Mondays and/or Thursdays, 12-5 pm. View flyer here